Our Mission

Studnets' morality, health and learning are highly-valued in Xin Xin Junior High School. The three elements compose the core of education in this school. The present principal, Chi-Ming Yang, believes that students should not only acquire knowledge but also gain attitudes during their learning process. Moreover, he encourages students to be more optimistic, enthusiastic, collaborative, modest, considerate, sympathetic, athletic, and self-motivated, and finally become great Xin-Xingers.

Policies in Xin Xing Junior High School

  • Enhancing students' learning efficiency: empowering students at different levels
  • Realizing international education by English: Emphasizing English immersion Teaching and learning
  • Cooperating in cross affairs: teamwork among different staff and sections
  • Applying technology adoption: making administration, teaching and learning more convenient and effective

For students' learning enthusiasm, confidence and achievement, Principal Yang has made 4 policies to make Xin Xing turn into a more remarkable school.

With magnificent buildings, diverse resources, useful technology, meaningful decoration, well-designed courses, helpful foreign teachers (ETAs) and collaborative colleagues, all the administrative staff and teachers in Xin Xing Junior High School make great efforts to increase learning efficiency, realize English immersion, organize professional learning community, enhance all members’ competence, and most important of all, empower students to make accomplishments as earning passports to the world.

Courses in Xin Xing Junior High School

Talents in 21st century need various abilities, such as communication, collaboration, complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. In Xin Xing Junior High School, there are abundant significant courses to inspire students, develop their characters and enrich their life. Students can find learning models in school, practice active learning, and eventually be a shining star in different fields.

Various Experience in Xin Xing Junior High School

To broaden students' perspective, there are plenty well-designed activities in Xin Xing Junior High School. Teachers and students as well can have wonderful and unforgettable learning experience in the whole process. Each activity has its educational purpose and helps the school keep making progress.

The Perspective of the School

The staff in Xin Xing Junior High School will keep continuously advancing with positive attitudes and consistent enthusiasm to build a school which values morality, health and learning. With the 4 policies mentioned above, we can work together to reach the goal of completing a splendid competitive international school, which can be as sparkling as a bright star in the sky.