Our School

A School with Morality, Health, and Learning

The School at Present

Xin Xing is a nice and warm school with well-behaved students, professional teachers, high-tech equipment and diverse resources. Every student can develop nicely with adequate care and concern. In Xin Xing Junior High School, there are

  • K7-K9 (13-year-old to 15-year-old teenagers)
  • 9 regular classes
  • 3 sports classes (for tennis and golf)
  • around 270 students
  • around 70 staff

Students are well-educated with outstanding performances resulting from their hard study and fine characters. Also, numerous famous players, such as Hsu-Wei Hsieh, Yung-Jan Chan, Hao-Ching Chan and Tsung-Hua Yang, were trained as professionals and graduated from Xin Xing Junior High School.

The Eighth (Current) Principal

The Seventh Principal

The Sixth Principal

The Fifth Principal

The Fourth Principal

The Third Principal

The Second Principal

The First Principal

About Us

Xin Xing Junior High School was established in 1968. The grand school is located in the former site of Xing Tian Temple, which is a place full of blessings. With great efforts from successive principals, Xin Xing Junior High School has gradually become an extraordinary school.